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​The cemeteries of St. Florian, St. Stanislaus, and Forty Martyrs are administered through St. Florian Church, where the grave digger for all cemeteries is Dave Panzella. To purchase a grave, research cemetery records, or obtain a cemetery deed.  Contact database coordinators at the St. Florian Parish office. 

Please call the parish office​ for the most current information. 

Cemetery Personnel

​Father John Sedlak​Cemetery Board Member
​Terry Jackson​Cemetery Board Member​
​Juanita Mizikar​Cemetery Board Member
​Bob Richard​Cemetery Board Member
​Thomas Ulishney​Caretaker
​Edward Farzati​Caretaker

Find Our Cemeteries 

St. Florian Cemetery ​Cemetery Road
Mount Pleasant PA, 15666​
Forty Martyrs Cemetery​4387 Highway 981
Mount Pleasant PA, 15666
St. Stanislaus Cemetery​318 Holly Place Road
Mount Pleasant PA, 15666